Why do toddlers play with poo

Published on 30 December 2022 at 18:18

Nap times are usually the perfect opportunity for a little peace and quiet or catching up on housework but today was a different story.


Today I put Louie down after lunch for his afternoon nap.  We did his usual routine, settled down, read a book, he grabbed Benji, his puppy teddy and happily got in bed.  


I went downstairs to make a coffee, sat and drank that in peace, headed up to check on Louie who was fast asleep so I continued to use the time wisely.  I got some washing done and cleaned the kitchen, when I went back into the living room I could head Louie playing upstairs, saying dig, dig, dig  so headed up quietly.


Getting to the top of the stairs i first thought he was just playing with his Lego Duplo construction set, but then to my horror i realised why he was saying dig, dig, dig. He was sat literally digging in his nappy with a mini spade that was part of a Lego Duplo set.  Not only that, he had been playing with the diggers in it too.  There was poo everywhere, all over his toy unit, the rug and all over Louie.  


I rushed in stripped him off, plonked him in the bath to shower him off before giving him a good soak, cleaned his room and then binned all of the toys that he had been playing with as i couldn't face having to clean them all up too.

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