About Us


I'm Beck, I am 32, mum of 2 boys, wife to one big kid and whose idea was it to add a bonkers beagle into the mix.  We live in Warrington, Cheshire and both juggle working full time and sharing childcare between us (thanks to shifts and WFH days).  We love to enjoy time as a family, fun days out, the outdoors and planning more adventures.  

We've been together for 16 years now and married for 9.  We've been through some really tough times in recent years but also some amazing ones so it only makes us stronger in the long term and excited for what lies ahead.  I work as a Tax Advisor and Mark has a very manual job.  In our free time, i enjoy anything creative, (crafting, DIY, baking) Mark loves all things sport especially Rugby League so naturally the boys take after him and this is a huge part of our lives.

In our blog we share many of our experiences on different subjects ranging from the highs & lows of parenting and family life, our days our & adventures, crafts & DIY, money saving tips and honest reviews & brand collaborations.

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Beck and the Cooke family x