A day from hell in the run up to Christmas

Published on 18 December 2022 at 20:28

I always thought that bad luck or unfortunate events came in threes but this certainly wasn't the case for us on Saturday.  Me and Mark work different patterns so the Saturday before Christmas was the only weekend day in December that we had off work together prior to Christmas.  We planned to do something Christmassy with the kids and to get our shopping done but little did we know the day would be filled with a series of awful events.


Firstly we woke to find that Louie has escaped the bay/dog gate on his room and gone downstairs to wreak havoc.  As we walked out of our bedroom we came across, bath salts poured all over the bathroom, the fridge open and the contents of our condiments poured all over the living room floor and smeared into our rug, no milk left in the milk bottle,  instead it stuffed with a full pack of pepperoni, there was sugar in my candles, coffee in the sugar pot, it was one huge mess. 


We cleaned up and then decided to start the day fresh from there and head out.  


Our first stop was to take the boys for their haircut, then we headed into the town centre.  We wanted to take Louie to see Santa as it would be the last chance we got before Christmas.  There he told Santa all about what he had done that morning but promised to be a good boy in the hope for toys.  This didn't last for very long, after lunch, Louie decided he didn't want to be in his pram, so screamed his way around the town centre, kicking shoes off along the way.  We realised we would have no chance shopping if he walked so admitted defeat and headed home.  

Christmas gifts still needed to be bought, we had click and collect orders to be picked up and the food shop had to be done.  So we put Louie down for his afternoon nap, Mark made a start on some housework and i headed back out.   I returned home to Mark hoovering and walked upstairs to find Louie's bedroom around 2ft deep in toys, books and clothes.  He had emptied the entire contents of his chest of drawers and wardrobe along with all of his toy boxes and shelves onto the small space of floor in the middle of his room. 


I'd already had said that I would head to my auntie's to pick up some gifts for the boys but agreed to help Mark to tidy the bedroom.  We locked ourselves in, with Louie and made a start.  I called Charlie to ask for a small bin bag from the bathroom cleaning cupboard, "there is none" he replied, they were there but instead of making a fuss I asked him to get me a carrier bag from the utility instead.  This clearly went in one ear and out of the other as the next noise we heard was glass smashing, he decided to grab a bin bag from under the kitchen sink, slammed the door in a rush and a glass slid from the wet dishes that Mark had washed and left on the drainer straight onto the floor


Mark ran down to clean the glass up and Charlie came to help me tidy.  I climbed up to put Louie's books on the top shelf of his wardrobe and heard a strange sound.  At first I thought it was my electric toothbrush then my heart sank as I realised it was Mark's clippers.  


I jumped down as quick as I could, saw that the gate had been left open and found that Louie had climbed on top of my dressing table and grabbed the clippers off a high shelf on the wall.  There he was looking very proud of himself having shaved a chunk out of the front of his fringe and the side of his head, just a few hours after having a nice fresh cut.


Well this just broke me, I sobbed and I couldn't look at Louie without crying even more, I then shouted Christmas is cancelled.  I left Mark to sort the boys tea and headed out to my auntie's for a coffee and a shoulder to cry on. 

After a while I realised i still hadn't done the food shop so off I went to the supermarket at 8.30pm, I filled the trolley and headed to the tills, put everything on the belt and walked to the end where I asked the cashier for some bags (i had of course left mine at home).  She looked at me with an awkward smile then said that they didn't have any bags, only the freezer bags at over £2.00 each.  I really wanted to say forget it and walk off without my shopping but i also really wanted my food so had to handball all of the shopping into the trolley, then into the car, then into the house. 


We finally got the shopping away then sat down to eat our tea at 10.30pm.  I then got my gift wrap bag out ready for us to sit and wrap some Christmas presents.  I went to grab some of the gifts that i knew about that Mark had ordered for me, to realise that i couldn't find the large iconic make up gift set I had ordered when on offer weeks prior.  I knew that I had opened it, realised what it was and put it in the kitchen for Mark to move wherever he pleased.  The gift was nowhere to be found and our conclusion is that one of us has mistaken the box for recycling and taken it out to the bin (probably Mark). The one time I "treat myself" to some make up a bit more expensive than usual it gets binned, i was gutted and this time i think i cried myself to sleep.    

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