Our PR Visit To Southport Pleasureland

Published on 28 June 2023 at 19:28

We enjoyed a fun packed day with the family visiting Southport Pleasureland, an amusement park located on Southport's seafront and the surrounding attractions,  We have been a number if times over the years but on this occasion we were invited along for a PR visit.  

Fun At The Fair 

We arrived at the park around 10 am, just as it opened and were greeted by friendly staff who gave us our wristbands.  The Pleasureland itself offers free entry and unlimited rides if you purchase a wristband. this is great if there are some in your group that enjoy a day out but don;t want to ride.  The park was nice and quiet so we headed off to our favourite rides first, it offers a great variety of rides and attractions there is something for everyone, from thrilling roller coasters and water rides to gentle carousels and funhouses. Watch our Instagram reel to see more.

Some of our favourite rides were;

  1. The Waltzers: This is mine and Charlie's favourite fairground ride so we did it a few times.  You'll find us leaning to the side as much as possible to make the cart spin as fast as we can.  
  2. Frisbee: This is a spinning sensation that swings you back and forth like a giant pendulum and it is not for the faint hearted.  Charlie kept his eyes closed for a while and it took my breath away a few times but we loved it!
  3. Dodgems: What a classic! While it was fairly quiet we decided to take Louie on with us and he absolutely loved it 
  4. Dumbo’s: This is a flying ride that takes you up and down in cute elephant cars. You can control how high or low you fly by using a lever in the car.  Louie wasn't sure about it at first but loved it once he was on


There are also smaller rides suitable for small children and toddlers, such as Canoes, Carousel, Toy Set and more. Plus, there's are carnival games like the Arabian Derby, where you can race against others and win prizes.

A Little Break From The Rides 

We took a break from the rides and stopped off for lunch at one of the park’s food outlets called Della's DIner, here they serve burgers, hot dogs, chips etc.  There was a great range of food outlets with a choice of food and drink, from burgers and pizzas to ice creams and slushies. 


We also stopped by the amazing LA Snakes Caricatures who is based at the Pleasureland for Charlie to have a fun keepsake,  The guy was so talented, he asked Charlie to sit and then sketched and coloured in the caricature in just 5 minutes,  It;s so fun and is now framed on the wall in his room.


On our way to the park exit we were met with the smell of freshly made donuts, no trip to the seaside is complete without these.  We chose the biscoff dip to acompany ours and wow, they tasted like heaven.

Other Nearby attractions 

Our day was not over here as we had been invited to try out some of the other local attractions that are right on the door step of Southport Pleasureland.


First up we headed to Viking Golf, an extraordinary Viking themed 18 hole adventure golf course,  The course is split into 4 themed sections which take you on a tour through Merseyside's rich history with Vikings.  The fully themed course offers optional levels of difficulty, ensuring that adults are as challenged as the kids,   The course took just over an hour to complete and is a great activity for all of the family with family tickets available for £30.  

Next we visited the Lakeside Minature Railway.  Here there is a train line that runs from the station by the Pleasureland, down past Marine Lake and to the beach at Marine Parade Station.  We left Louie's pram at the station and took a return journey on the World's oldest continuously running 15-inch gauge railway,  It was such a relaxing journey and the boys thoroughly enjoyed riding this unique train.  Upon arriving back at the station we had the pleasure of riding on a the beautiful carousel and helter skelter that sit between the station and the lake.

One last stop before heading home was The Southport Big Wheel.  I've never been good with heights but i knew that if i chickened out Louie would have too and i don't want to push my fear on to him so i had to try.  Going up the first time was ok, the beautiful views over Southport beach and the surrounding areas helped to relax me and take my mind off how high we actually were.  Getting to the top my fear started to kick in but we were soon on our way back down much to my relief, but t didn't stop there, little did i know it was going around again.  Just one more time, the same as before, keep calm and it will soon be over i keep thinking to myself again it reached the highest point but then it stopped.  We all sat quiet giving each the look,  It was getting late and no one else was on the wheel so Mark and Charlie took this as their opportunitity to wind me up, "The've forgotten about us", "They've turn it off, gone home and left us" they joked.  After what felt like an eternity we finally started moving, it turned out there was one other group on and they had just been letting them off.  in no time we were at the bottom and i could let out a huge sign of relief.  The boys loved it, the views were stunning and they;d had a right laugh winding me up.  Want to see what its like being stuck on a big wheel with a pair of wind ups, click here to watch our tiktok.

Time To Head Home 

it was time to head back home, we had a wonderful fun filled day at Southport Pleasureland and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun day out with their family or friends. It was easy to get to from Warrington, where we live, and it was well worth the trip.  We can’t wait to go back again soon!  We have added all of the locations that we visited and a short review to the GoWhee Travel App.

I hope you liked this blog post. If you want to know more about Southport Pleasureland, you can visit their website or social media.

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