7 Energy Saving Hacks

Published on 1 January 2023 at 20:04

Many of us have seen huge increases in our energy costs in recent months yet research by the Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice has revealed that a third of households still haven't  made any effort to reduce their energy use.


Here's some tips and hacks that can reduce your energy usage that you may not have thought of.


1. Turn off any unused appliances and electrical items.

Many appliances in your home could be using more energy that you think when on standby.  Some of the ones that use the most are TV's, games consoles, kettles and unused chargers.  Reduce your energy usage and costs by turning off unused electrical items rather than leaving them on standby.  Smart plugs are a great way to do this using your phone or voice controlled device.


2. Close your curtains earlier 

When the temperature drops in the evening you'll notice your room temperature drop too.  Keep the heat in for longer by closing the curtains earlier.


3. Use LED light bulbs 

Change your light bulbs to energy efficient LED light bulbs.  We've recently purchased smart bulbs too, they're a lifesaver for the kids bedrooms as they're forever leaving them on.


4. Draft proof your home 

Add draught excluders to your doors and the seals of your windows to keep drafts out 


5. Don't leave your phone charging overnight 

Your phone only takes at most a couple of hours to charge, leaving it on overnight means that it continues to drain energy even when your phone is fully charged. 


6. Keep your fridge & freezer full

Your fridge and freezer needs to work harder to stay cold if its empty.   Helping them to retain the cold can reduce energy usage, put a jug of water in the fridge or bags of ice in the freezer.  


7. Only boil the water that you need 

Kettles already use a lot of energy so cut this down by only boiling the amount that you need.


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