How To Create A Stunning Water Feature With The Hydria Water Fountain Kit

Published on 11 June 2023 at 20:14

Water features are a great way to add beauty, tranquility and interest to your garden or home. They can also attract wildlife, improve air quality and reduce stress, but installing a water feature can be expensive, complicated and time-consuming which is why we didn't have one. 

But what if I told you that there is a way to create a stunning water feature in minutes, without any hassle or mess? Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, let me introduce you to the Hydria Water Fountain Kit*, the world's first rechargeable all-in-one water fountain kit that fits in any pot or container of 30cm wide or more. 

What is the Hydria Water Fountain Kit?

The Hydria Water Fountain Kit is a revolutionary product that allows you to turn any pot into a water fountain in just a few easy steps. The kit contains a water pool, a display plate, a rechargeable pump, two fountain heads (sprinkler and cascade), a cleaning kit and a remote control. 


The rechargeable battery can run for up to 2 months off a single charge which means it doesn't require any plumbing, wires or solar panels.  The fountain has 3 different height settings and It also comes with colour changing LED lights which is all controlled by the remote.


There are a number of add ons available including unique fountain heads and decorative mosaics or you can customise it yourself with pebbles, glass beads or other garden decorations.

How to set up the Hydria Water Fountain kit?

Setting up the Hydria Water Fountain kit is so quick and easy that we let the kids give it a go and they absolutely loved it.  Everyone enjoyed getting involved and seeing the Fountain come to life watch our fun TikTok here


Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Choose a pot or container that is at least 30cm in diameter and part fill it with suitable material such as soil or sand.

2. Plant the water pool into the centre of the pot and make sure its level.

3. Place your charged pump into the water bowl.

4. Fill the water pool with water up to the fill line and place the display plate on top.

5. Choose your preferred fountain head and screw onto the pump.

6. Decorate your pot with plants, stones or other ornaments.

7. Turn on the pump using the remote control and enjoy your beautiful water feature,

Our Review

We were contacted about trialing the Hydria Water Fountain Kit last year and we jumped at the chance.  I've always admired water features when visiting garden centres but didn't know where to start and the thought of it was quite daunting.  Not only were they expensive but there was also the added cost of having them wired/plumbed in.  We tried some of the solar powered water fountains but found that these often didn't work in the summer evenings and they deteriorated so fast. 


Looking into Hydria it looked like the perfect solution, no wires, no solar panels and you can install it wherever you want,  It arrived and was so easy to set up that we let the kids do it.  It really is a game-changer for anyone who loves water features.  It is a simple, versatile and eco-friendly way to create a stunning water feature in minutes.  You can use it in any pot or container of your choice, indoors or outdoors, and customize it with different accessories and settings, last year we even used the Hydria fountain to make an impressive bubbling cauldron for Halloween.  


The Hydria Water Fountain Kit is also a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy the benefits of water therapy.  It;s the perfect addition to your home.  So what are you waiting for? Order a Hydria Water Fountain Kit and transform your garden or home into a tranquil oasis!

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