Beast Lab Review: We Unleashed a Shark Beast and Had a Blast

Published on 9 September 2023 at 07:23

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Beast Lab is a new toy line from Moose Toys, the makers of Magic Mixies. It is designed for kids who love experiments, action, and adventure. In this blog, we review the Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Set, one of the products in the Beast Lab series.

The Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Set is a plays et that allows you to create one of two shark beasts: Havoc Hammerhead or Mayhem Megashark. Each shark beast is 19cm tall, fully articulated, and features light and sound effects. The playset is equipped with more than 80 lights and sounds effects that bring the experiment to life and contains with the beast lab, an electronic figure, battle accessory and an experiment kit which includes two moulded fizz bombs, a bag of ooze, dissolvable paper and a bag of fizz powder.

Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Set
Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Set

We decided to set up the lab in the garden and the boys couldn't wait to to test it out.  They put on their aprons and glasses and it was time to get started,  There is a step by step guide to create your shark beast.  At each stage you scan the fingerprint scanner add the special ingredients and turn the dial to the net stage,  The beast lab responds at each stage with a variety of lights, sounds and even bio mist.  in the top of the lab you need to add attack serum, roar rocks, fossil fragments, and skin scrapings.  The most powerful ingredient is the pandemonium crystal, which contains chaotic energy and causes the beast creator to sound its warning alarms and build with intensity.

Once the beast creator lab alarmed, we pulled down the emergency lever to drain the liquid and reveal the beast inside. The boys were amazed as the shark beast appeared surrounded by a cloud of real “bio mist”.  Then it was time for wild battle action! The shark beasts can activate a swinging power strike attack using their pandemonium weapon and scare away enemies with their ferocious “battle roar” and light-up power crystal core.

Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Set
Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Set
Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Set

The mission is not over there. You can reset the beast creator and repeat the experiment again and again with the refill packs.  Louie loves playing with the beast lab even without using a refill pack and had been adding other toys inside to reveal.  Watch our reel here. 

Beast Lab is guaranteed to be a huge hit with kids of all ages and we think it will top the list of toys this Christmas.  It's currently available to pre-order at Smyths, Very and Argos.  You can also learn more about the best lab at Moose Toys.  I hope you enjoyed this blog and have fun with your beast lab experiments!

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